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The Old The Cold The Bold

A found family tabletop rolplaying game about the criminal gig economy.
Inspired by the mechanics of Lady Blackbird by John Harper.


A digital copy of the rulebook is available for purchase at DriveThruRPG

Here is a free download link for those short on dough.

OCB is now available on Itch Io.


Merchendise by Nerdy Keppie

Shark Detective (an in-game franchise) sticker available at Threadless


If you'd like to play the game online, you can make a copy of the character sheet
Google Sheet by Lowell Francis.


Prism is an aquatic roleplaying game about conflict resolution and relationships.

There are six realms in the game with their own code of ethics, culture, and deity.


Physical and digital copies of the rulebook are available for purchase at DriveThruRPG

You can also find Prism at your favorite con with Indie Press Revolution.

Character Sheets
The character sheet and relationship sheet used to generate a character in the game.
Adobe Acrobat document [187.6 KB]
Character Sheets
Here's a spreadsheet version of the character sheet for online play by Lowell Francis.
Note: The file can be opened in Google Sheets if there is no access to Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Excel sheet [31.8 KB]

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